May 9, 2008

Writers Flood

Recently a friend, one I wrote about a while ago in relation to pretzels and metaphors, came over for tea and we got to discussing her insane dating adventures as if they should maybe be written into a book or something. Since I am a writer that tiny “maybe” turned into a pen, notebook, outline and introduction of a -- life story, fiction, non fiction, autobiography, complete fabrication. So the story will go something like this: My friend is a completely fictional character, all the men are completely fictional characters, the situations they find themselves in and conversations they have are completely fictional; but it is all based on things that have actually happened in her life. I guess the movie credits will read “Based on a true story” or something to that effect. She wants that Gilmore Girls chic to play her in the movie and although I have no idea who that is, maybe the wheels can get rolling now on making that happen.

She and I have been friends for a very long time and all joking aside I am honored she would trust me enough to take all the painful, albeit hilarious, situations that come from dating as a single, divorced mom in one’s mid thirties and spin them into a fun story for the world to read. She is not putting any pressure on me to finish anytime soon because in her own words “there will be plenty of material for years to come I’m sure.” This got me thinking about where material for stories comes from and how I have been so inspired to write for the past year after such a long drought before that.

It occurred to me that I was trying to quiet the inner artist for a very long time, attempting to work at jobs where I was unsatisfied doing nothing more than bringing home a paycheck every month because I thought all I really needed was the money to pay my bills. That was so very wrong because I was miserable everyday even though my bank account was overflowing. It was truly the cliché double edge sword. Now that I have decided it is time to do what it is I was meant to do, there will be no stopping me.

Since age twelve I have wanted to be a writer, and have been journaling since, but now, twenty years later, I am finally pursuing that career path. I chalk it up to the need for life experience to draw from to express my true voice to the world. Even though furious typing is what I see myself doing on a daily basis to fulfill my life, it is not just writing these days that finds me flashing the creative bling.

I have become obsessed with creating many forms of art for fun from digital photography to mixed media collage to website creation to crafting and of course faux finishing.

I bought myself a cute little point and shoot digital that resides in my purse now everywhere I go because you never know where inspiration might appear. A couple weeks ago I came across this sign at a crosswalk, I thought it was cute.

Matt cringed when he saw a photo of himself that I took at a concert the other night but I turned it into something else and he loves it now. Is he cute as a cartoon or what?

My Designer contact in the world of faux asked me to create a sample board that would look exactly like the tile her client was insisting she have on her walls in a powder room. After arriving at the proper base color it was just a matter of applying the plaster like product in layers of various colors, stippling it, veining and spotting the board with glaze. Not too shabby (although the scanned copy looks more pink and does not show the luminous quality of the plaster layers as well as the sample board).

Even though these pursuits are fun I have come to the conclusion that they are really just vehicles to help me stay inspired to write more. Be it this blog, articles published online or the brand spanking new, self published Random Lunacy zine I am selling*, there is no way I will be experiencing a block as long as I keep my eye open for the creative nuances of inspiration the world has to offer.

* Shameless self promotional plug: You can buy my zine by clicking this link or the photo of it above & right. Currently it is only for sale through my online Etsy shop but that could change with Volume 2 due out first week of June 2008!


High Desert Diva said...

Yay! I'm so glad you're going to focus on your writing!

*waves to cartoon Matt*

artjewl said...

Jenn, this made me smile, hugely! I can totally relate & was going to post a bunch of stuff here before I realized, "wait a minute! that's what I was going to write in MY blog!" So stay tuned...

Anyhow, applause for creative outlets & I think it's fantastic that you're doing the mini zines. I wanted to ask you about Etsy too... I've been meaning to, really, since I found your blog. If you have any tips (or if they give anything for referrals) let me know. I haven't registered yet, but it looks like what I want to use for my current big-idea-in-the-making.

Chucka Stone Designs said...

C ~ You are one of my biggest supporters, influences for staying positive and general cheerleaders and I will never be able to thank you enough for that :~)

Julie ~ Etsy is definitely a pretty cool place to sell & promote anything handmade, supply or vintage. I will email you with mucho info (IMHO type stuff too if you like) as far as the site and what works best for sales. Now you have me all curious...can not wait to read your new blog and hear about your big idea! (mwahaha! Julie is taking over the world one monkey at a time perhaps???)

Suldog said...

Thank you so much for the link-love, Jenn! I will be adding you to my sidebar any moment now.

Bridgete said...

I'm so glad! One of the main reasons I enjoy reading your blog is because it's so well written. I'm so excited that you want to channel that talent and use it more. Let me know if you ever need an editor. Seriously. I love editing, and I know that sometimes you just need a second pair of eyes on something, no matter how good you are at editing it yourself. Just know that depending on whether I'm on internship rotation or class rotation I might only have a few hours a week...and no hours during finals. =)

Julie Mc. said...

Have a great weekend! ~ Julie ;P

Chucka Stone Designs said...

Sul I LUV your blog, I never fail to spit coffee when I read it so you deserve all the link love I have to offer :)

Bridgete I will have to keep that in mind! You are so right that sometimes it takes new eyes to catch the smallest mistakes. thanks for the offer!

Julie Mc I hope your weekend is awesome too & filled with sunshine. Any family stuff this weekend?

Chris Stone said...

good luck with the zine Jenn!

Ginger said...

um, you're sold out! and i was gonna create a paypal account for you! i guess that's good, huh?...for you, i mean. :)

okay, make more copies and i will buy one then. maybe you can send me an autographed copy so i can have proof that i'm one blog-degree from you when i go to see the movie.

i'm so excited!...and matt does look adorable in cartoon.

Chucka Stone Designs said...

Thanks Chris, appreciate the encouragement :~)

Ginger I only list one at a time so when you checked it must have been sold but if you check again now I betcha you can snag one (& it may even be signed!) I would never forget those who rock -- like you girl :~) Hey if I become a touring author I'll have to come through Denver so we can have a lovely lunch!!

Judi FitzPatrick said...

I'm so happy you decided to sell the Zine and more excited that you've already sold one (or maybe more by now.)
Love the Matt cartoon - looks very cute in that mode.
Keep up the great writing.
Love ya!

Chucka Stone Designs said...

Thanks Mum! Now the pressure is on because I have 3 weeks to get the next one put together but still market the first. That's ok though, I wouldn't have it any other way :)

david mcmahon said...

You ARE a writer. No doubt about it.

I came here from Suldog’s blog.

Julie Mc. said...

Yeah, it's the red shirt. :) Have a good one! ~ Julie

Chucka Stone Designs said...

Thanks so much David! I checked out your blog, amazing shots :)

Ginger said...

...was that test just for me? i don't see it on'd you do that with the link in the comment section? so many questions!

i heart gnomes, by the way. heehee

Chucka Stone Designs said...

LOL Ginger :) That was the purpose of my test, to make sure the link from photobucket would show up correctly & it worked! Groovy!

To link I used an html code

So for this link here I uploaded the directions as a jpg to photobucket then took the direct link & used it in between the code " " marks. did I confuse you yet? lol. Try it out, you'll get it!

Ginger said...

i'm going to try that when i'm awake and stuff.....sounds good though. i've been wondering how to do that.

it's good to know smart people. :)

i can't wait for my package in the mail! so excited!