November 16, 2008

Beyond Cool

Wowsa, yesterday was great! I chatted with so many different people, handed out tons of cards, discussed the importance of using upcycled material in my designs, saw some family and friends and even sold a few items which had me not only reaching where I wanted to be but exceeding the goals I had set out for the day. WOO HOO!

My Mom did this fair last year and convinced me to give it a go because there was fairly decent traffic and a nice mix of buyers and sellers. She was not wrong! We were lucky enough to request tables right next to each other which was great so we could man each other’s booth when one of us had a need to venture out. Here are the original set ups; we both adjusted placement of materials as the day went on and after doing so both of us got more sales. Coincidence?

I promised to keep everyone updated on the progress of the entertainment center construction as well and Matt certainly got his pallet on yesterday! He located a coffee house in Brighton who was advertising on craigslist that free pallets were available behind the store for anyone to come and snag anytime they like. Some of the reasons he went with that particular one were because he figured they would be sturdy pallets due to the weight they would have to bear as well as a lack of leaked material on the wood which could mean mold or just yucky smells. Other than the aromatic smell of coffee, which if you know us at all is not exactly something we consider a detriment, the wood was mold and smell free.

He was able to acquire a good number of pallets that could be broken down on site (not always possible) and where he did not have to take everything just to get a few good ones (something many places actually required). When I arrived home yesterday he was out on the balcony removing nails and pieces from each other with a bunch of tools.

It took him a good five or six hours to complete everything yesterday from driving over there to completing disassembly but at the end of the day he had a nice stack of lumber drying on the balcony, ready to be planed down.

Since we are attempting to construct this unit completely for free (meaning we do not want to spend any money we have earned from jobs to pay for necessary material needed for construction like hardware, screws, biscuits, glue, paint, etc), as well as reduce the clutter in our apartment, I knew it was time to sell a few more items on craigslist as well. Friday afternoon I posted our old dehumidifier that we still had hanging around from the days of owning a house with a wet-ish basement.

Up until Friday we had been using it as a stand for our bedroom fan; not really operating in the way it should be (plus Matt can just build us a new stand out of pallets right?). Well while he was deconstructing on the balcony, I was in our living room meeting up with a guy who saw the ad on craigslist and came to buy it. Cha-ching. Fifty dollars immediately went into the entertainment center fund and someone who needed it would be putting the dehumidifier to use in its correct function! That will surely acquire a goodly portion, if not all, of the necessary materials we need to finish this baby up.

Matt just wrote up a little something on his pallet retrieval experiences; those who are inclined can read it here.

Based on his calculations we are currently at +$49.18. Yippie!


Bridgete said...

Yay for Craig's list! I love them both for selling stuff I don't use anymore and for finding stuff that I want but don't need to buy new.

Glad the fair went well! I hope you do it again, and/or other ones, so I get a chance to come by! =)

Karen said...

Off to a good start on the enterainment center! When we lived in MA, my Dad owned and operated a sawmill. One of his main products were pallets. He's 85 now and still does lots of woodworking in his home shop. Glad you had a good day at the craft show!

Ginger said...

yay! i'm glad to see things are going so well!

Anonymous said...

Please get a Nail Jack or Nail Hunter for pulling nails or staples! Problem solved!

High Desert Diva said...

I spent hours perusing Craigslist yesterday....what a resource.

The Pallet Project is moving right along. I like the idea of a coffee scented entertainment center.

High Desert Diva said...

*smacks forehead*

Glad the show was a success, too!!!

Judi FitzPatrick said...

Go Matt and go us! Love, Mum

Xylia said...

I love pallets! I'm kind of sad that I don't have access to them anymore, but I sure used to put them to good use for many years. Your project is going great! Glad the show was a hit, too.