July 25, 2011

Manic Monday

Much like the Bangles back in 1986 I'm running a little late this morning in getting on with the work day.  But I guess when you work for yourself from home its not quite as critical when stuff gets started as long as it eventually gets started right?  Right!

My schedule has changed quite a bit since moving to the sunny southwest.  Anyone who knows me knows my former body clock was that of a vampire -- not to add too many song lyrics to today's post or anything but, yes, I love the nightlife.  Once we got here I figured it was the time change and that I'd readjust after a few weeks.

Its been almost a month and, most days, I'm feeling like the song lyrics of today's post title "6 o'clock already I was just in the middle of a dream..."

But rather than lament over the fact I can't keep kissing Valentino in the fantasy world of sleepy haze, I just get up, get coffee, a low sodium veggie juice and get to it.

Right now its almost 9:00 and I'm already done with email, about to post this blog, and in the midst of making my list of the day's to-do's.  Its pretty short -- read & study for school and rearrange the office.  Now that we have our new desk set up I actually want to work in here but everything else needs to shift around in order to accommodate them because these desks are huge!

With Matt working remotely and me running a business from home its pretty vital we have a super duper functioning office.  Huge desks or not!

After the office furniture rearranging (once I finish school work of course!), I have 2 projects I plan to get a jump start on-- first is an old footstool that I plan to breathe new life into with a little paint and fabric re-design, and second is unpacking the box full of minerals, paint and brushes and beginning the learning process of my Giani Granite!  Can't wait to get that underway. 

So much so of course that I want to skip doing everything else today but "time it goes so fast...(when you're having fun)" so I guess work should come first.  Sigh, that's why Sunday is the fun day I guess!

What's on your agenda today? Big plans, little plans, wide plans, skinny plans, lotsa plans, no plans...???


Almost Precious said...

I'm not sure how you manage to do all that you do Jenn. So many pots to keep stirring. :) How do you keep track of it all ?

Not sure just what my plans are. I've thought about opening a second shop on etsy but heck my first shop has gone into cardiac arrest and I can seem to resuscitate it. Thought about maybe a different venue like Artfire, 1,000 markets, etc. but the thought of starting over as a complete unknown on a new site ... yuck ... the thought nauseates me.
Oh well I might just put this pot back in the fridge and wait until fall to decide if I want to heat it up or not.

Almost Precious said...

Note from editor ... Sorry AlmostPrecious you made a typo in the 3rd sentence of paragraph 1. That should read, "I can't seem to resuscitate". Please correct and resubmit for our approval.

Jenn Flynn-Shon said...

The problem is I really can't keep track of it all anymore. That's basically why I'm freaking out. lol Matt & I had a good heart to heart the other day & he offered some perspective that has me thinking it might just be time to let the company and my writing stuff fall to the side (just for a while) so I can just finish school. I want the degree but if it keeps going like this I know I'll end up quitting. Being so close to the end now makes it vital to just keep going. Won't chase any new business and probably won't do NaNo this fall but by hopefully next fall sometime I'll be done with the degree.

You may need to resuscitate ME by then, I didn't even notice your typo my friend :-)