August 13, 2008


That’s right. Awesome is just too weak a word to describe all the fantastic things going on lately and the addition of the ness is completely warranted. I am physically beat but so energized and feeling creative again for the first time in a long time!

First and foremost I am working a few faux jobs again which I completely forgot how much I enjoy doing. There is frustration, sweat, dust and spackle in my eyes sometimes not to mention glaze on my bare knees and falling asleep on the sofa in front of the Red Sox game at nine o’clock, only to wake up at eleven asking Matt “Did we win?” but when it all comes together and I see the ridiculous look of excitement on the face of my clients it is all worth it in the end.

So I started the nursery for S&B this week. Wait, let me back up a little bit. S, as many of you know, is pregnant with twins and was sent home on bed rest a month ago after a quick but scary stay in the hospital. Her baby shower is this weekend but I have very superstitious beliefs about baby showers. I almost never go to them but if I do I will only get a gift for the parents and never anything baby related. For example when M was pregnant years ago I gave my Hospital Survival Kit gift including books she & J would enjoy and a few other time passing activity type items like a board game and some mad libs. The second those boys were born I was shopping for them but not a moment before. With all that in mind, and the fact that S is like another sister, their gift had to be really special. Once they started talking about moving B’s office out of that room I knew exactly what it would be.

We worked together on colors and a finish that would be elegant but still kid, good for boys but not baby blue and something I could get done quick just in case she popped really early. We finally settled on nine inch strie stripes in alternating milk chocolate brown and cornflower blue. Today I spent 5 hours measuring out, tick marking and running the tape lines on all the walls, tomorrow will be the brown stripe and Thursday the blue goes up. It is going to be so killer I wish I was still there painting right now.

Next week begins another strie job in conjunction with some repair work at a client I acquired through my Interior Designer contact I have worked with a few times now. Time to buy a radio as that job will be just me and the walls. Massachusetts is having their “tax free holiday” this weekend so score for saving five percent on everything!

Earlier this week I was humbled and honored to receive this:

Sandra Ree is one of my very favorite new blogs I now try to read every day because she is a sweetie and her photography is a-ma-zing. I could not believe she chose me as a recipient of this blog award and seriously I was touched. Thanks girl! The basic premise is I pay it forward and pass the award on to seven bloggers. I would like to pass this pretty prismatic crystal statue on to: Bridgete, Ginger, Judi, Jim, Kate and Trayce. You all rock bloglandia in your own special ways and I applaud all of you for it!

The dreaded tag occurred this week as well but instead of being bummed about it I welcome the challenge from David! If none of you have ever read his blog be warned that there is a lot of straight shooting and cursing from an amazingly talented writer. I love it. Hope you do too.

And now, seven random facts about me? Bring it on baby!

1. I reinvent myself just about every day. Seriously I have more than enough personalities on reserve for everyone to enjoy.

2. I started smoking again when my sister was in town. No judgment. Someday quitting will stick.

3. Red meat left my diet about 6 months ago and I barely miss it.

4. I love to feel the personal victory that comes with talking to a man about football and knowing more than he does. There was a commercial on for Direct TV a long time ago when the installer was talking about the channels a couple would get and the woman started asking about all the sports she could watch. At the end the man looked bewildered but the woman and the installer bumped fists. I like to think of myself as being that girl.

5. My favorite movie of all time is The Goonies.

6. I really miss having a dishwasher. Unless you count Matt.

7. I always struggle with the seventh random fact because I want it to be one of those heavy hitters that makes people laugh or cry. Yeah, I got nothin’.

So as is my rule I am not going to tag anyone back. If you feel like participating though by all means go for it because random facts are always a fun read.

My final bo-bickety happy dance moment happened last night when I opened my yahoo mail and discovered that a fairly prominent musician I had requested to interview for The Organic Mechanic not only said yes but sent back her responses. I am so excited to post this interview on Friday I could burst right out of this chair. I hope you all get a chance to stop by and read it because she is amazing and so sweet to take the time out of a very busy tour schedule to answer my questions. I hope it helps both her and our blog with a boost!

So that is about it. Time to go fall asleep on the sofa in front of the Sox game.


Ann said...

That is so nice of you to do. I'm extremely superstitious. I barely like talking to my pregnant friends.

Sandra Ree said...

Chucka, you most certainly deserve the award, your blog is SO interesting and you are one of my favorite new blogs! :)

I love the color choice of the nursery you're working on. Brown and blue is a fantastic combo!

#4 on your tag had me smiling. You go girl!

And congratulations on the interview! I can't wait to read it!

artjewl said...

First of all, either you forgot how to count, or you forgot ME. *j/k*

I'm so glad you've been getting paint under your fingernails. There's something so invigorating about that.

I'm sorry to hear about your #2 -- oddly, I was just wondering about that yesterday afternoon as I drove home from work. ("O.o Lover" took me to that thought.)

And speaking of music, I am SO excited to read your interview on TOM tomorrow!

Congratulations on your award!


High Desert Diva said...

The nursery walls are going to be amazing...take photos!

Congrats on your award.

Can't wait to read your next OM interview

Suldog said...

Dishwashers rock. All I need is two days without one to know that I will always own one.

David Sullivan said...

Thanks for doing the tag thing. I'm not a big fan, but am always honored that someone thinks enough to ask. My dishwasher will be home from work soon so I better start vaccuming, sweeping and dusting...

RainbowMom said...

I'm also a little leary on giving baby gifts before the baby is born. Cornflower blue is so beautiful.. it's going to look great! Glad your enjoying life! Peace.

Rosebud Collection said...

So happy for you and the deserve it..Now about the Red I told you, I was born in N.Y...I think that says it all..ha, ha..
Have to admit, I love giving the business to my Son-in-laws and grandsons..I think I am sick..?
Maybe,but "Go Yankees"...and would you believe, I don't know a thing about baseball, just how to cause grief..But they love me anyway.

Chris Stone said...

Can't wait to see the pics of the baby room. what a nice present!

Enjoy the Pats this weekend!

Chucka Stone Designs said...

Oh no, we have a Yankee fan in our midst. Sigh, and I really used to like you Rosebud ;)

I will post some photos after the guys get the furniture put together & installed tomorrow while us ladies do shower games. Do you think the ladies would notice if I disappeared to drink beers & assemble furniture with the guys? lol

Ginger said...

ah, thank you! thank you! i'm so honored :)

as soon as i feel like i can work on this strange keyboard without chucking it through a window i'm gonna follow up on that tag. hah!

that's the best baby gift you're's good to see you painting again. it's been so long since you've talked about it that i missed that part of you.

Shea said...

that is so true about the tides,
and also,
like the Pearl Jam,
when Eddie Vedder sings I changed by not chaning at all,
it's all so true,
miss majesty

Shea said...

thank you

Rosebud Collection said...

Had to write back after reading husband was born in Wading River..I am from Greenport..isn't it really a small world? Have family still out matter where I live, that will always be my home..

Judi FitzPatrick said...

Wow, somehow I missed this post. Thanks for the award, that is so sweet. Now I'll have to come up with 7 blogs to forward it to. Hmm...

Bridgete said...

Aww, I'm so honored! Thank you!

Once I'm back from Portland I'll have a blog-o-rific post, but right now I've been running around like crazy trying to see everyone that wants to see me. Hooray for the brief visit home...