August 18, 2008

You Are Allowed To Pop Out Anytime Now

The nursery is complete. Furniture has been constructed. The shower is over. S is growing increasingly more uncomfortable by the day. Names have been chosen. Well, OK, in all fairness no real names have been chosen but for the last month the babies have been referred to as Hammer and Anvil by B and just the other day I heard S use the names too so I guess its official. Believe me, this is far better than Helmüt and Thor which were circulating for a while. Yeah, those never really caught on with S. I wonder why?

With the nursery walls complete they will need to accessorize. I am thinking of buying them this lino block print by beeczarcardsandgifts:

Guess Rock Band will be out for roughly the next year. I have no idea where we will store all those components but it looks like we are going to have to break down and buy it. I swore there would never be a gaming system in my house but as with so many other things in life it is important never to say never since most of the time that is exactly when it will happen.

The culmination of many projects came to a close this past week and the start of two more begin this week. Man I love being busy!

First are the two bags I was commissioned to design and create for my Mom’s friend. She is giving them to her sisters; one is in New Jersey and the other is in San Diego. I would be more than happy to drop off the latter in person so feel free to fly me on out there. Respectively, the bags are named City Girl and Casual Coast. There is one center section, six outside pockets and four inside pockets which include a cell phone and pen pocket to hold three pens. They take a while to construct but I really love how well these turned out. Perhaps I will make some to put in my Etsy shop once I have wrapped up the next two jobs.

Speaking of the next two jobs, here is the sample board for the strie next week. It is a blue over a yellow-orange so the glaze will show as teal. The base color is called Gingerbread Man and I just love it as a warm and cozy feeling hue. The board looks angelic because it was scanned in so pay no mind to the aura surrounding it. This job will begin Wednesday after I get my car back from the dealer to determine why my pesky check engine light came on a couple weeks ago. I choose to blame it on the rain.

The other sample board will be laid out a little later this morning so no photo yet but it is going to be two adjacent walls of faux brick. I convinced her not to put actual spackle on the walls since she has small children and one out of control matchbox car or toy box lid could be the end of that finish. Instead it will be a multi tone glaze application and some highlight and shading to give the feeling of real bricks.

Now for the big guns: the nursery!

Before with gray rag faux treatment & damaged ceiling

Bye-bye gray!

Yes, measuring out little tick marks, lining up the laser level and taping took an entire day

Voila! Ceiling, trim and strie stripes complete! Just one last step to go…

A cozy nursery for Hammer and Anvil, my soon to be born “nephews”

Sorry S, I had to post the “illegal” picture.


High Desert Diva said...

Wow! You have been busy. LOVE the nursery! Hammer & Anvil are lucky!

Your bags look great, too. You should definitely try them in your Etsy shop!

Pretty Fun said...

Good luck and congrats!!!

Sandra Ree said...

Great job on the nursery, Chucka, I really love the stripes!

This kind of work keeps you in shape I bet. All the bending and stretching. When we first bought our home, we redid everything, every room in the house. All at once. Never again! lol

And your bags are absolutely gorgeous! Wow! You girl are super talented! :D

artjewl said...

You've sure been busy! I seriously wish you and I were in the same state, because I still have that terrible wood paneling up in our living room... and the summer's all but gone. I guess what I'm saying is I sure could use some help.

"Hammer & Anvil" made me chuckle, and I totally think a framed copy of the linocut would be appropriate. As far as weird baby nicknames go, how about "Polycarp"? That's what my sister & brother in law called their baby in utero, named after a saint.

fly tie said...

oh tedious. it looks lovely. *yay* for babies! :-)

Judi FitzPatrick said...

Love the nursery. You should definitely get them that print, it's perfect for them (not so much the babies, yet)!

Saw the purchaser of the bags at the lib - she loves them. Hope you'll do more for Etsy, M, and W - they are beautiful!

Good luck with the faux job starting this week, and hope the car is a-ok when you get it back.

Peace, Mum

Chris Stone said...

Love the nursery! and that print is a great idea.

Chucka Stone Designs said...

Thanks for all the kind words everyone :) I had so much fun doing the projects that it was not like work at all!

I appreciate you stopping by pretty fun & fly tie, nice to meet you both & I'll check out your blogs too!

Sandra that sounds familiar, we did the same on an 1850's farmhouse. It took us over 5 years to completely finish it!

Polycarp? Oh man I am not even telling B that one or it will be all over lol!

Rosebud Collection said...

What a beautiful job..the nursery is wonderful and you should be proud.
The bags are just gorgeous..Wish, I had all that energy..send some my way would you..