September 21, 2010

Trimming the Fat

It suddenly came to my attention that I am flailing about.  That isn’t like me.  Generally when I get a new job I throw myself into it whole heartedly and everything else falls by the wayside.  I don’t know why I haven’t considered doing that with my writing career until now.

But now I am.

Because this old blog was tied to Chucka Stone Designs I’m moving everything over to a new locale a little more appropriately named.  Still the same wonderfully erratic Random Lunacy you’ve all grown to love, but the blogger link finally reads to match.

I’ll be updating the new blog from now on so please come on over and follow me at
to keep reading.  I’ve imported this blog so far to date -- posts, comments, etc but you will have to re-follow to keep reading.

It will be most appreciated if you do of course!  And when you do don't forget to change any links you have to me.  I'll be working quickly to get all of your links added over there on my 'Friends' tab.

The other thing is that I’ll be taking everything down from my company website except faux and paint jobs.  Etsy is wonderful and I really think its fun to have a shop but I’m not committed to continuing with handbags and stuff like that.  Wall art, faux pieces and things that really relate to my business will be the name of the game.

With that said I’ve been really, really, really contemplating taking down Green Leaf Reviewer as well.  I love the environment, hell the planet is obviously important to me because it’s my home, but if I’m really going to buckle down and focus on writing novels I think I need a few less things to obsess over not working on.

I will make a final determination soon but for anyone who follows me there, fear not.  That kind of stuff will likely streamline right over to Random Lunacy occasionally when something planet awesome strikes my fancy.

There is a craft fair coming up that I committed to and I have still got a boat load of fabric in my repurpose stash so I’ll be making pillows and other fun stuff for that but once that’s over I’ll be dragging out the old sewing machine likely only to make myself some new clothes.

Oh yeah, that's because I’m doing some literal fat trimming too.  Matt and I just bought, and are about to start tomorrow, the first 90 day regimen of P90X. 

Between working out, writing and hunting down an Agent I think I’ll barely miss all that other stuff that until now has just been weighing me down.

So don’t forget to go to and follow me there.  Thanks all!  ♥love♥

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