March 16, 2011

Big Fat Slacker! Where Writing Blogs is Concerned

If you follow both this page as well as my personal blog you're going to see the exact same post in both places today. I'd apologize for that but really I'm far too busy to let it bother me haha.

Work has been great lately, I've been painting and meeting with some folks in an effort to kick start a little business again. I love it, love my company and love my job. I only wish it didn't take so darn long to work it because by the time people are ready to hire me, Matt and I will be moving!

(hint, hint -- get me now before we're gone haha)

That's another thing though, the move. We are intending to take almost nothing with us because after years of living like we're still in college (in our mid 30's) we're both ready to upgrade the furniture on the other side. Of course that means we're selling it all and with me being the at home gal, the picture taking, description writing and listing location decision making falls on me. No biggie its just that its a lot of work to research all that stuff and list it!

It will be nice to have a few extra bucks in our pocket to make the journey with though!

Which brings me to school. My college is awesome and they've let me take a 2 week break in order to move. The really cool thing is that a class ends the very day we plan to leave so the schedule barely even has to shift.

So anyway, with school, work, pimpin business and general life living my blogs have really fallen by the wayside. I don't intend to give them up though (never!) so I hope you'll stick around for the times when I do post! And I promise to comment soon, I try to still read all of yours even if I simply lurk around the blogosphere in the background.

Have a great rest of the week and with any luck I'll get a feature faux up on Friday...after I read these 4 chapters and list some more stuff on eBay...


Almost Precious said...

Gosh Jenn, I thought that CSD blogsite was just for showcasing your many lovely different faux finishes for customers to view (or potential customers). Didn't realize you were actually blogging here. Sorry my bad, the last time I visited this site was ... oh maybe between 2 to 3 years ago, I really should have checked back to see if anything had changed.

CSD said...

Oh Anna please don't worry at all! I've been a complete slacker (as the title suggested!) on posting over here anyway. I've been working out stuff with the company and creating some new graphics, editing old stuff so I have a whole lotta stuff to shift around on the blog, Etsy, FB, everywhere. Thanks for coming by & leaving me some love though :-)