November 18, 2011

Friday Feature Finish Mountain and Cactus Mural

Last summer, before moving to the southwest, I felt inspired by a photo I saw that my mom took of some small hilly mountains in Arizona. The photo was primarily interesting because of the shading and shadows the mountain range displayed as well as the sprinkling of boulders and saguaro cactus. I pulled out one of my Mighty Boards and started sketching.

The picture stayed taped to my studio table and I referred to it to get the sun angle as well as a few examples of saguaro and how their arms jutted out in random shapes and sizes. The landscape was truly beautiful to me and still after being here for almost six months it doesn’t seem like it will ever get old.

Bright blue sky, tall and majestic mountains, bursts of color and a lot of natural inspiration made this mural sample come to life.

I’m considering getting this scanned and making prints for sale as I feel it’s one of my best paintings that I’ve done in a long time. I used to tell people that I couldn’t really do mural, that my creativity came in a different way, but after painting this piece I felt more confident in my abilities and would like to explore doing more acrylic work. Perhaps the next one I’ll do on canvas!

And now, to get inspired again…

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