November 8, 2011

Tuesday Tip of the Day Make a List

I'm getting ready to go on a two plus week trip back to Massachusetts to visit family and go to my twenty year high school reunion.  Yikes.  I know that people older than me will laugh at me for saying I feel old, people younger will shake their heads in disbelief that anyone could be out of high school for twenty years.  But all I'm thinking about are the lists of stuff to get done before I leave.

Now it isn't like I'm going to another country where I have no clue where things are located or how to acquire stuff if I need it.  Though at times I still feel like my hometown is a foreign country, there are places that I know intimately after three decades of living there.  Clearly if I forget to bring something with me I can just pick it up after arriving right?

Well sure, but that doesn't mean I want to forget anything, I try to be Green and that means not buying stuff in duplicate, so I have made a master list of stuff to pack and stuff to do before I hit the road.

My list includes everything from calling my car insurance company to inquire about the discount I can get by being a member of Golden Key, to returning my library book, to taking out the recyclables.  All of the things on it are prioritized in a manner of true need.  For example, calling on insurance is something I can do when I get there so it isn't a 'Must', but printing boarding passes is kind of vital to getting on the plane in the first place so it is on the 'Must' list.

I separated the list into categories of 'Must', 'Should', and 'Would Like To' do before I take off.  Almost everything is crossed off and I'm feeling less stressed about the 2500 mile journey away from my current home back to my old one. 

Well, less stressed about the stuff to get done before leaving anyway...

Sadly "work out so I don't look a day over 18" didn't make it to any of these lists and instead I had to settle for "go shopping for an amazing outfit" which I hope to do later this afternoon.  Shopping only made it to the 'Should' list seeing as though it isn't exactly vital to be the super me just because I haven't seen most of these people face to face in twenty years.  If it gets done then great but maybe I should save it to do with some friends when I return to Boston instead...hmm...

Don't forget to get back over here tomorrow to read the first of a three part series on lightboxes written by the one and only Judi FitzPatrick of Judi FitzPatrick Studio fame!  It promises to be a great tutorial and hopefully will help all of you to snap even more gorgeous pictures of your beautiful handmade items.

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Judi FitzPatrick said...

you know it will all work out. can't wait until you're here.
Peace, Judi