November 1, 2011

Tuesday Tip of the Day - Never Stop Learning

Most of you know that I'm an English student and getting my degree at an online University.  When I first signed up I was told the minimum requirements for hardware and software and I either met or exceeded the needs so felt I was in the clear.  That was until I started my current class and learned I would have to upgrade my software to the latest version of MS Office.

At first I panicked because I already know how to use Word / Excel / PowerPoint in the version that I have and throwing anything else into the mix while studying and creating a pretty extensive research project seemed overwhelming at first. 

But then it hit me, its all about learning more. 

Knowing the 2010 version will make me more marketable, better equipped for future releases, and able to better communicate across a modern resource instead of the old and antiquated one I was still toiling away on before.  It is actually liberating to think I'll have a new skill in the next five weeks. 

Or at least Skill 2.0 :-)

So school may take a little bit of a front seat but I hope that the learned content will be able to work into my daily life either as a business owner or as a writer and student!

What new things are you learning right now?


Judi FitzPatrick said...

Congrats on learning new things - besides making life more interesting, might help keep Alzheimer's Disease at bay!

I recently purchased some new software myself and am learning that.

Peace to all, Judi

Debbie @ Larson Farm Naturals said...

That's the key to a long happy life isn't it?:) I am trying to learn everything about SEO right at the moment. I also have some new bookeeping software I hope to put to use for home and buiness.