February 3, 2011

Feature Faux - This Week: Heavily Weathered

I've decided to start running a new feature here at the blog called Featured Faux.  (Can't guarantee how often it'll go up but hopefully weekly!)

Our first ever Featured finish option is the one in the picture (as well, it can be found on the right under the heading 'In the Studio') and I've named it Heavily Weathered.  Now some of you may be familiar with crackle finish where a crackle medium is applied to base paint and then another paint is applied on top of that.  When the cracks start to appear and spread out it really is like magic isn't it?

Well this finish option takes your standard crackle a few steps further. I add marks, mars and scars plus an overlay of glazing and scrapes and scratches to give an even more aged appearance.  Then I top it off with a finish coat of low VOC, waterborne varnish and give you a high five for making your home look so cool!

I just caught a finisher doing something similar the other night to a desk on HGTV's new show Cash & Cari and I was impressed that its apparently a finish in fashion because I've been doing it for years and love it!

A lot of you are probably looking at my sample board up there at the top of this post and thinking 'But Jenn does walls, I don't want that all over my walls its too much!' and in many instances (not all mind you!) you're probably right.  So where do I alternately suggest putting a finish like this?

How about on a smaller, more commercially accessible piece like a headboard, picture frame, bookshelf, stepstool, wall hanging or memory trunk?  Or why not let me do the trim in one room of your house where you are trying to get that cottage feel?  Even more fun, I'll tape off stripes and paint shadow lines to make this look like individual wainscot planks.

Okay, all that is great but what if you don't like this antique white over brown look and want something softer, or brighter even?  What if you're starting to gather concepts for your soon-to-be-here little girl's nursery and want something, well, girlie?  Folks, the color options are quite literally endless!  I can do a pink on pink using a soft pink overlay on a baby pink base.  Or maybe your daughter is older and wants fluorescent popping off fuchsia (like these gorgeous flowers inspire!)?  Let's talk about doing up some custom picture frames to house photos of all her best friends.

But finishes aren't just for girls!  Maybe you're a sports guy rooting for the Green Bay Packers in this year's Super Bowl and looking to get a one of a kind "mancave".  Why not have me apply this to a couple small tables where everyone puts their drinks on game day, only I'll do it in gold over green like any Cheesehead would insist on having!

Endless opportunities exist for the color and location options of this treatment!

Where would you like to see me put this in your house?  Feel free to get in touch to discuss custom orders today, all initial consultations are free and I'd be happy to work with shipping needs for any clients out of state!

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