February 11, 2011

Thanks for the Gifties EcoKaren!

Could all of these items be any cuter or more awesome?

I'm a teammate in the best team in the land -- EcoEtsy -- and just around Christmastime our fearless leader Karen proposed doing a little gift swap with each other.  Nothing fancy, just a nice way to connect, promote through giving and all that fun stuff.  I don't think she expected the volume of positive response she got for this super fun idea!

The basic gist was if you got a gift for the holidays that was just not your thing, or if you had an item from your shop you wanted to send out to another member, the organizers would take the list of what was available, compare it to the list of wants and "Secret Santa" set up a swap partner.

And by some stroke of luck I was fortunate enough that the gal sending me a super awesome something-something was our fearless leader herself!  Hooray!

A handmad heart brooch (so romantical!), hand bound journal (sweet!!  this writer will use that all the time!!) and adorable card (that will likely go right to my husband on Valentine's Day!) arrived on my doorstep with a hand written note inside the other card.  The one with the palm tree on it.  The one that Karen picked especially for me because she knew I needed a little sunshine and warm sandy beaches right now.

And oh how right she is, I'm living vicariously through the card right now :-) 

Thanks for running such a great team, for always coming up with super innovative ways for us to connect and for your unbelievably generous gifts that you sent Karen!  I love everything and couldn't be more excited to get this package of goodies from you!


karen said...

So happy you received your goodies before Valentine's Day!! After seeing your town last week, I totally understand why you would want to get away! Glad my palm tree card helped.

Judi FitzPatrick said...

Cool gifties, very nice and generous.
Peace and hugs, Mum