February 18, 2011

Friday Feature Faux - Blended Glaze

Good morning lovers of all things pretty!  I hope this finish inspires you to think up all kinds of fun and cool ideas today -- its a Blended Glaze!

I used three different tones of blue to blend into this softly gradating finish that goes from light blue to dark.  This board is going to become a super cute mural of underwater sea life and sand plus probably some bubbles too!

Which of course brings me to the very most important part of all...the attitude adjustment this finish has provided me!  Not that I'm typically a grumpy pants or anything but ever since I decided to do this underwater mural theme I can not get The Little Mermaid soundtrack out of my head!

And really, how can anyone ever be unhappy with those fantastically fun lyrics and island beats coursing through their brain?  I think as I apply the sand, seaweed, creatures and bubbles to this board later today that I should put on the movie, or at least the soundtrack, as my inspirational backdrop!

But I digress back to that finish...

This board is intended to be water but as soon as I finished it I started thinking how cool it would look as an effect to create a cloudy sky on a bathroom or bedroom ceiling, or if I mixed a little pearl into the glaze and went with tones of white and super light gray I could create a falling snow effect...oh so many options!

This would be perfect in playrooms, pediatricians offices, rec centers, nurseries, preschools, day care centers...and I can't wait to get started installing it!


Karen said...

So pretty and calming!

CSD said...

Thanks Karen! I'm off to put the sketches down for sea life & sand now :-)

Judi FitzPatrick said...

Very pretty!