February 1, 2011

Business Networking -- My New Favorite Activity!

A semi quick update today because it is already snowing and I want to try to stay ahead of the storm as much as possible where shoveling is concerned.  Not that I have a clue in hell where I'll put it all considering the mounds on our front "lawn" are already above the bottom sill of our front windows but you know, I'm giving it my best shot! 

Maybe I could faux it with my new paint sprayer to look like big mounds of sand...That's my husband in the photo tossing a shovel full of the stuff two storms ago.  Note the height of the mounds then, we have about another 6" compacted on top of them since.  We'll be buried inside pretty soon so I'm getting out while I still can!

Last night my mom, the uber talented owner of Judi FitzPatrick Studio (who by the way created my current company logo/avatar, isn't it awesome?!?) and I attended the Arlington Entrepreneurs meeting to discuss how to expand and / or increase our business lead potential by using LinkedIn.  Now I had heard of the popular networking site but didn't create a company profile until I registered for the AE seminar so it was all pretty new to me but with the help of Andy Winig and his engaging presentation we both left a little more knowledgeable about not only LinkedIn but initiating a pitch face to face!

Oh and I'd like to thank Margy from AE for pulling my name as one of the prize winners of the night.  The information is just waiting for me to dive into as soon as I'm done with this update!  Hooray for winning, i feel like the luckiest girl in the world right now to have won two great prizes in the same week!

So of course because of the meeting I've now joined LinkedIn as Chucka Stone Designs so if you're over there and want to see some more of my work or just connect business to business I'd love that!

I met some truly fantastic people last night and may even end up booking a couple jobs (and vice versa!) from the meeting, I handed out a number of business cards and received as many interesting and unique people's ventures from Life Coaching to Nutritionists and everything in between! 

Anyway, that's about the long and short of the night.  The cool thing about the AE group is you don't have to be an Arlington resident to join, you just have to run your own business and have an entrepreneurial spirit!  So if you're in the area I recommend checking them out.  I'd love to run into you at the next meeting!


Will Write 4 Food said...

I've never heard of LinkedIn, but I'd love to professionally network. Thanks for sharing!

-Tiffany with Will Write 4 Food

Karen said...

Ugh... that snow is just crazy!

CSD said...

Happy to share Tiffany! Feel free to Link up with me over there :-) I love to network too!

Karen we're in the band predicted to get 15-20 inches by the end of Wednesday. GET. ME. OUT. OF. HERE!