January 28, 2011

Benjamin Moore Knows How to Party!

Not too long ago I professed my love for the 128 year old paint retailer Benjamin Moore.  Well after last night's Contractor Expo I think we might have a problem, I've fallen head over heels in love!  *swoon*

Last night's event, held at the Peabody Marriott, was my first ever Expo and what a grand way to enter into the world of Contractor networking, I won the grand prize raffle!  But that comes later, first let me back up and give a little more of my overall take on the good times we all shared.

I flew solo on this one and considering its just me running and working for my company that was just fine.  There were plenty of others who brought associates, friends or maybe even clients so they would have someone to talk to but I've always been comfortable enough in my own skin that I don't need a wingman for this type of stuff.  Well not when it comes to business anyway!

At first it was looking like I would be the only girl in the place but in short order a few more women filtered in.  Most were with other women so I didn't expect they would sit at my table, that was cool, I was really there for the information not to make life long friends.  Although the networking was great!  Within five minutes I learned that we got dinner and an opportunity to see the latest and greatest, not to mention a brief history on the company as well as another brief seminar on building our business for profit.

A few people came to sit up front with this shorty, and I spent most of the night talking to a couple north shore contractors and one from a little further west of the city.  All great people, and all kind of slow in their business presently.  I'm in the same boat but it is winter, traditionally a tough time for painters to source new business.  It was just comforting to know I wasn't alone.  The presentations were fantastic and we were given a booklet with specs on every type of paint or covering/coating the company offers.  THIS will come in very handy (not to mention the pen we got with it and the coupons for free product woo hoo!).

I was excited to learn so many of the paints they offer make use of the Benjamin Moore GENNEX® technology now.  As a brief on what this is -- they have patented a formula that allows their paint and tints to claim no or low VOC based on this waterborne colorant.  From their newest paint offering, Advance® (a waterborne alkyd -- no that isn't an oxymoron, I'll talk more on this another time) to their Greenest option Natura® (a virtually odorless, zero VOC paint), many of their cans fit the bill of low/no VOC and I could not be more excited!

As a finisher it is really important that the base paint be a high quality but also something that allows for proper adhesion and flow of my glazes, etc.  I have never been let down.

When we first got there we all got red tickets for the raffle and owners (like me!) got yellow tickets.  The grand prize of the night was a Graco® Airless Electric Paint Sprayer (linked below if you want to check out the specs and value) and holy crow, I WON!!  I don't know what I'll do with it but it sure opens up worlds of opportunities for different & new business that I didn't have before.

I was already loving Benny before last night but now that I'm armed with an arsenal of information to offer all kinds of different options to my clients I'm even more enamored.  Not to mention they gave us a free tee shirt, baseball cap, paint brush and access to their new painter/contractor referral program online.

Thanks for what proved to be a wonderful evening and a wealth of useful information; watch out Benjamin, I might be forced to stalk you now!


spottedwolf said...

Ha !! That oughta bust that moody bubble !!!! SNORT !!!

Will Write 4 Food said...

Hey! I saw your blog share on the Promo forum and was dropping in to wave, say hello, and follow! Thanks for sharing, and I hope to see you around the blogs!


Tiffany Will Write 4 Food

Judi FitzPatrick said...

Congrats on the win, sounds like a fun event with lots of potential for future work. Go, girl, go!
Peace, Judi

Julie said...

Sweet!! Yay for free stuff!!!

More and more I'm wishing you lived in the neighborhood ... I *still* haven't done anything with the awful, dated wood paneling in our living room.

Anyhow, here's hoping Ben doesn't mind your crush. And that Matt is good with it too. ;)