October 14, 2011

Friday Feature Finish Painted Wood Floors

Been working on items for the shop like mad and have some last minute weekend wrap-up to do so today's Friday Feature Finish will be short and sweet.  Today's finish is Painted wood floors!

The plumbing had burst in this older east coast home and the carpets weren't salvageable.  But underneath were semi decent hardwoods.  They weren't in good enough shape to sand and restain so my contractor decided painting them would be the way to go. 

It was a super simple solution, inexpensive and easy to maintain in the long term.  Although this home only made use of one color in a flooring specific paint there are many fun things you can do with painted floors from checkerboard patterns to faux throw rugs, edging stencil to faux polished concrete look.  The possibilities are endless!

I completed all painting in the photo above from floor to ceiling and everything in between.  This was a whole house renovation and I was totally grateful for the opportunity to work on the entire project floor to ceiling, trim and walls.

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