October 13, 2011

Paper Covers Rock Treasury Featured on Etsy Treasury Hunter!

Just found out this morning that a collection I curated a few days ago has been featured over on the blog Etsy Treasury Hunter.  Wowza!  I am beaming with excitement right now seriously! 

Have you checked out their site yet?  I just discovered it when a teammate shot me a message to let me know a treasury she had curated with one of my items in it (thanks again!) was featured.  Here's the deal...

There's a tab for Submit a Treasury at the top of the blog.  Go there and fill in the information.

Yup, that's all you do!  However, the site is busy and has a healthy following so there will be competition for submisions and no guarantee you will be featured.  There is a limit to 3 submissions within a 24 hour period per person and that seems reasonable so everyone has a chance to try!  The site has over 425 followers noted on the Google widget and who knows how many email subscribers so you'll be sure to get your favorite items in front of a nice number of people.

I'm proudly sporting this button now, hooray!


Lori (OneShadeGreener) said...

Congrats Jenn - what a great way to start your day!!

CSD Faux Finishing said...

Thanks Lori, it really was such a cool boost! They're a fun sight with some terrific picks!