August 18, 2011

Can I Afford A "Custom" Kitchen Right Now? Yes!

It is no big secret that the economy is a little, let's just say, wonky.  Most of us are pinching a little bit just to make sure all the bills get paid in the same month and to make sure that we can keep locally grown, organic produce on our tables instead of prepackaged processed stuff.

And a lot of us are trying to sell a home, buy a home or just feel more comfortable in our own homes.

We all sit around and watch HGTV, DIY Network and other home improvement shows and drool over the insanely cool, modern and trendy kitchens and baths that everyone else seems to be able to afford but us.  We long to be able to buy that cosmetically ugly house  and renovate it into something so beautiful.  We wish we could update our kitchen to such a gorgeous and modern one so our house will sell at asking price.  We wonder how fast we can brush our teeth so we can get out of the bathroom with the chipped countertop that we've been looking at for about three years too long.

Well, instead of full-on renovation, there's an easier, less expensive and durable way to extend the style and life of your cabinets and countertops in these spaces and I'd love to help you make it happen!



Basic and boring:

Granite and gorgeous!

Think of the possibilities!  The color combinations!  The beautiful home you will live in!  The way buyers will swoon at your gorgeous house!  The SOLD sign on your front lawn!  All of these things are possible!

I can coat your cabinetry in pretty much unlimited color choices using a revolutionary product that offers the durability and adhesion properties of oil based paint but the strictest and lowest VOC rating* in the industry for a water-based alkyd.  Soap and water cleanup, durable finish and gorgeous!

Then I'll tackle the laminate countertops by giving you a faux granite finish that's so realistic you'll have to leave a note for your buyers not to put hot pans directly on top of the surface!

And why should we stop there?  I can help you pick and install the most beautiful, coordinating paint color for the walls, hardware and accessories so your space will be sparkling for under $1500**.

Yes that's right, under $1500.  Most kitchens and baths could run you easily into the tens of thousands for a similar look and feel.  Not to mention you'd be installing new which greatly impacts the environment.

So do yourself, your buyers, your wallet and your spaces a favor and call me instead!  I'll help your place shine like a new penny, for far less of them than you'd otherwise spend!

* Please note this does not necessarily mean low odor, VOC refers to the off-gassing that happens after your paint is dry to the touch and curing.  As paint cures it can release gasses into the air.  Low/no VOC paints will lessen the time of off-gassing for a healthier environment but at first it may still have that new paint smell so please be aware!

** Prices will vary based on individual spaces. $1500 estimate based on cabinetry remodel shown and 35 sq. ft. countertop refresh with 3 color Giani Granite.  Additional cabinetry, larger countertops, additional processes, etc will effect total cost.  Initial consultations are free!

1 comment:

Judi FitzPatrick said...

Wow, I wish you perform that kind of magic on my kitchen. Alas, the bones of mine are so bad nothing like this could be done.

Lovely work!

Peace, Judi