August 26, 2011

Friday Feature Finish - Stripes

Up and down, side to side or angled, a stripe is a completely versatile finish!

A perfectly straight line between each band of color gives a truly crisp look and these stripes are not only funky, the colors are perfect for a man or a woman. 

Diagonal like up above can be used to create an argyle pattern of diamonds, or just one focal wall of diagonal stripes. 

But why stop there? 

Vertical stripes will add height to a room.  Done in one color of two similar tones this finish provides drama, sophistication and elegance.  Multiple colors and varying sizes is a great way to get customized wainscotting for a nursery or kids room.  Looking for a more casual and beachy vibe?  I'll do planked wainscotting in a Heavily Weathered Crackle finish with a taupe base and off gray-white top coat.  We can then paint the upper wall sea green.  A few shells and a little tumbled glass and you're on the coast!  If it can be taped off it can have a stripe applied -- Venetian Plaster, tinted glaze, straight up paint -- you name it, I'll apply it to your surface!

But what if you want more contemporary?

Horizontal stripes can add movement and special interest to a space.  Want a loft style with uber chic appointments?  Let me put up last week's Feature Finish of Plaster Coated Brick on one focal wall then run a couple varied thickness black stripes around the room of white walls.  To give it a little punch, one skinny, red stripe to match the brick can be added.  Or how about pulling a wood grain through a 3" stripe at the height of a chair rail or picture rail for a more traditional look and feel?  Why not add a border to your upper wall?

Colors, styles, designs, materials and opportunities are endless with stripes and they're everywhere!  Want to add stripes to your home?  Feel free to give me a call so we can discuss your project!

What's your favorite application, orientation and color of stripes?

Photo of stripe sample board courtesy of Judi FitzPatrick Studio

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