August 31, 2011

Featured Member of Team EcoEtsy - Beans Things

For this week's featured member I wanted to select someone on the team who I have never interracted with, who had items that were inspiring, and also someone from my state.  Tall order?  Not at all!

I was immediately drawn to the colorful and funky prettiness in Beans Things shop and when I saw she was located in Sedona, Arizona I immediately wished I had discovered her before going up there last weekend!  My husband and I will most certainly be back though so perhaps I can get in touch and find out if she has a brick and mortar location to peruse or if her funky items are sold in any of the fun shops in town.

Reading the Beans Things profile I learned that most of her items are one of a kind due to the upcycled nature of the papers she uses in her designs.  With fun stuff like this I can see why (bears!!!)

She's been open since December 2008 and has had over 1000 sales with just under 800 people leaving 100% positive feedback so I know she's doing something right!  And don't forget, those bottle caps and that paper are upcycled so she's saving the planet from new material creation, and extending the lifecycle of the items in question by repurposing into something fun and functional.  Yea!

If you like the items here and want to see more check out:

Thanks for joining the team EcoEtsy and for keeping it Green!