September 2, 2011

Friday Feature Finish - Granite

Granite is one of the most popular options for kitchen and bathroom countertops these days.  The array of different colors, styles and patterns are all but endless and can be customized to fit anyone's imagination. 

In the world of faux finishing stone designs are quite popular but until recently the health risks for the type of materials needed to create these looks far outweighed any benefit of beauty the finish brought to a space.  But like I said, that was until recently!

I've written about Giani Granite before but figured it was high time to feature the finish on a Friday post.  I'm currently in the process of completing more picture frames like this one.

Cute right?  On my studio's table top right now I have 4 frames and a decorative item that is going to be a clever little bit of decorative art.  I also completed this jewelry box which my Mother in Law wants to purchase from me but I just can't bring myself to sell it!  Well, not yet anyway :-)

All of these items have been completed using the basic Sicilian Sand kit but I've added some veining to the frame and box.  But this isn't the only color available!  Giani offers 4 more kits -- chocolate, sapphire, emerald and black -- and consider the possibilities for mixing and matching multiple kits together to create a truly one of a kind custom look.

So here's where things get awesome...Giani utilizes a resin based, waterborne, automotive grade topcoat durable enough to withstand daily use.  The product is designed to be used on kitchen counters, bathroom counters, desktops like the one at the top of this post, bar tops, furniture items, or even small home decor pieces like the ones referenced above that I'll be listing in my Chucka Stone Etsy shop.

Are you in Phoenix, Arizona or the surrounding area?  Or are you in eastern Massachusetts?  Want to freshen up your laminate, butcher block, ceramic, etc?  I'd love to work on your project!  I'm in Phoenix full time, plan to be back on the east coast for almost all of November and would certainly love to chat about your project anytime. 

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