September 14, 2011

Featured Member of Team EcoEtsy - joonwalk

I was first exposed to joonwalk's shop when I was peeking through the EcoEtsy member list and was I ever blown away by her super crafyiness!

She opened up shop in January of 2009 in Austin, TX and since then has been spreading the love of upcycling / repurposing out to the entire Etsy community and more.  Joon primarily works with paper and fabric and that photo over there of her Hula Hut is a great example of how she can take seemingly scrappy bits and stitch a collage of loveliness!

While reading up on her shop's profile I discovered that Joon has started her own community project in March of 2010 called PRoJeCT SNoWFLaKe.  The purpose and method of the project is to utilize the number 13 as a way to clean up the joint!  How does this work you may ask?  In Joon's own words:

"For every purchase in any & all of my etsy shops, I will pick up a baker's dozen worth of litter or spend 13 minutes throwing an eye, whichever comes first. I will keep a tally, post it in my shop announcements, and write about my venture on my blog."

Super cool right?

Giving back is such a great way to make the best use of the talent that she has shared and then the cycle of love for the planet continues -- the customer gets an adorable item made from leftover parts that are blended together into something wonderful and then Joon takes that theory and gets back out there to do even more cleanup!  Hello awesome!

To get in touch with Joon, to purchase or to read about her adventures as a one woman powerhouse please visit her at the links below.

Joonwalk Etsy Shop
Joonwalk Blog
Joon on twitter

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