September 7, 2011

Featured Member of Team EcoEtsy - Zosimos Botanicals

Yesterday I curated a treasury over on Etsy, it was a collection of yumminess from only members of the team and it was called Rainbow of Green.  Kind of a dorky name but I wanted to do a gradated rainbow of colorful items because everything over there lately has been brown and grey with fall rapidly approaching.  I needed a pick me up!

So when I got to yellow-orange in the rainbow I wasn't thinking too much about it until I came across the item above.  Oh my goodness, how good does that look right?  Let's just say I hadn't had any interraction with Zosimos Botanicals in our team before that moment but as soon as the treasury was posted and promoted I scampered right back to the shop to ogle!

What I found is a company that not only produces beautiful makeup items but they also produce a bath & body line (including the Orange Cinnamon Bath & Shower Gel featured in the photo at the top of the post), as well as deodorant and hair care.  The company is comprised of three Artisans who create their products from natural sources and resources only.  They have been certified by GreenAmerica and GenGreen, have won various environmental awards and participate in the Compact for Safe Cosmetics.

As their shop announcement states:
"Zosimos Botanicals is an award winning "green" business because we refuse to use known chemical irritants. It is important for your health that everything is formulated WITHOUT: parabens, petroleum products, talc, nanoparticles, lanolin, magnesium stearate, heavy metals, sodium laureth or lauryl sulfide, mineral oil, bismuth oxychloride, silica, synthetic fragrance oils, FD&C colorants, sulfates, synthetic fragrances; synthetic dyes, petro-chemicals or phthalates."
Hello awesome!  A huge goal of mine is to reduce the chemicals that I put on and in my body over the course of the next year and it sounds like I might be spending even more time perusing the "aisles" of Zosimos Botanicals!

Zosimos Botanicals Etsy shop
Zosimos Botanicals on Facebook


alexkeller said...

I'll have to go take a look now - I can almost smell it!!!

Almost Precious said...

Wow - glad I stopped by as this is amazing. I have to check them out.