September 13, 2011

Tuesday Tip of the Day - Remain Professional

Last night was the season opener of Monday Night Football.  I love football, I've always been a fan of the sport and its rough and tumble-ness action.  In high school I went to pretty much every home game and grew up with half a family who hung around watching the games every Sunday afternoon.

As a kid I wasn't really into it yet but getting older and learning about the plays, rules and of course the New England Patriots, I was hooked.  It took many loyal years for my Pats to start winning games because there were many years they were at the bottom of the barrel in the NFL.

For a kid just starting to watch at the same age as I was when I started, about 12, who still watches today (they'd be in their early 20's now) that might sound ridiculous considering the numerous Super Bowl rings and playoff appearances over the last 10 years but I assure you, its true.

Last night the Pats played the Miami Dolphins and not only did they Squish the Fish, Tom Brady threw for a record 517 yards and one of his receivers, Wes Welker caught a pass at the 1/2 yard line then ran it all the way down the field for a touchdown.  It was an awesome game.

For some odd reason though the powers that be decided to force east coasters into exhaustion as they had a MNF double header (correct me if I'm wrong but has this ever happened before?  I don't think so???).  The second game was a scrappy match up between the Oakland Raiders and Denver Broncos.  But before we ever even got to that game...

Both games were televised to millions over the ESPN Network.  Both games trucked along just fine until...(Warning -- profanity!!)

Oh yes you heard that right!  That was ESPN Announcer Ron Jaworski saying the most casual thing ever, it just happened to include a curse word.  I whipped my head around to look at my husband and asked "Did he just say what I think he said?"  Matt agreed he heard it too.  Ron had just blabbed the S word on national television. 

So here's the real kicker, no pun intended, later on in the broadcast he simply apologized for his mistake and went right on announcing, commentating and blabbing as if it never even happened.  And why shouldn't he have?  I mean we've all been there right?  You're at work and something moderately inappropriate slips out of your mouth...but do you cower in a corner and quit your job on the spot?  No way!

You apologize for the foible and move on.  Just like Ron Jaworski did.  Kudos to you Ron for not feeling the need to issue a 16 page manifesto for all the reasons you didn't mean to say the word 'shit' on television.  Kudos for apologizing and then getting right back to the job at hand.  You remained professional and that's what really matters!

In honor of Ron's mistake I curated a nice little collection of items, as seen in that picture at the top of the post, called Wash Out Your Potty Mouth.  Click on it to head over to the page so you can see more.  Thanks for the inspiration Ron and don't worry, your mistake won't be talked about for nearly as long as the Justin Timberlake / Janet Jackson costume "malfunction" mishap!

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