September 30, 2011

Friday Feature Finish - Something Soft Like Grasscloth

It is feeling very warm in sunny Arizona still and since fall isn't really going to show itself until at least December, today's Friday Feature Finish is grasscloth.  Organic and flowy, soft and light, a linen weave creates a very subtle backdrop to just about any space and keeps it feeling summery!

This finish can be done in panels, stripes, an entire wall in one, or any other number of endless possibilities.  I installed this in my mom's house (as shown at the top of the post there) as one of the first finishes I completed when I set out to build my own Faux Finishing company. 

The finish is so subtle, from a distance you almost can't even tell its there.  But that was exactly what she was looking for.  Her bathroom has deep brown tile flooring and light grey accents on the sink top, toilet seat cover and in the ceramic tile tub surround so we worked together to come up with a color that would look nice and work within the muted color palate.

With a white tub, toilet and vanity, plus storage cabinets, we settled on this lovely muted sage green over white.  Isn't it so pretty?!

And the possibilities for grasscloth colors are only as endless as your imagination!  This photo shows a tone on tone in a khaki shade.  Blue on blue in a beach cottage, hot pink on light pink would look really cool in a little girl's room under a chair rail, tan over buttery yellow would look killer on kitchen cabinet door panels...

A couple days and a limited budget can bring a world of difference to your spaces!

Where could you picture a grasscloth effect in your home?  What colors would you like to see this finish done in?

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Almost Precious said...

The bath looks lovely. Faux grasscloth is so much more practical than real grasscloth wallpaper. I had a friend once who did a guest bath in a very expensive and deeply textured grasscloth, she said after awhile she started to notice it was actually starting to sprout. I'm sure that doesn't happen often but still it is much easier to wipe down a painted surface than try to remove the dust (or toothpaste) from real grasscloth. :D