August 19, 2011

Friday Feature Finish

Good morning everyone!

Well its just the crackling of dawn here, I know for many of you it is edging up on time for the first snack of the day, maybe even lunch time.  Meanwhile I'm still rubbing my eyes and slurping down coffee by the gallon full.  But its Friday which means a couple things.

First, its my shortie day -- no school assignments due and nothing pressing for the company.  I paint if I want, write if I want, and mostly just get the stuff together for the following week over a couple cheezy movies (Today I'm looking at you Breakfast Club and St. Elmo's Fire!).  After all, for self employed people there is no such thing as a weekend so we have to take our breaks where we can get them.  Am I right?

Second, its Feature Friday!  Today's Feature Finish is:

Plaster Coated Brick

There are so many different options of how to design brick.  This sample board was created to show a potential client what fun things could be done with her fireplace bricks that were painted white at the time.Bricks can be whitewashed for an older, aged feel; a faux mural could be painted under the plaster to give the illusion of further depth; random dashes of white or deeper purple can be applied for a more modern, loft style appearance; hand torn tape can be applied to the mortar joints for a more organic, rustic look; thinner or thicker tape can be applied for mortar joints or bricks can grow / shrink depending on the look you're going for.  On my sample board, I threw in the aged plaster just for fun!

Speaking of fun...

My fearless Photographer Judi FitzPatrick Studio (who will be here in short order to not only enjoy some southwestern sun and fun but also to snap some pictures of my new items!) recently took photos of my sample boards.  They came out great (next week's Friday Feature Finish will include one of her photos, stay tuned!). 

She's been experimenting with all kinds of funky techniques and has lately gotten into swirling circles.  She used my plaster coated brick sample board to create one:


Super funky!  She's got some amazing fine art photography as well and having a ginormous sale right now, check out her Heat Wave Sale on Etsy for amazing work at amazing prices.  And get in touch if you want fantastic photos of your own work!

What has sparked your creativity lately?

1 comment:

Judi FitzPatrick said...

Love this finish, it looks so real.

Thanks for allowing me to play with it and make it look all swirly.

See you soon for more photography.

Peace, Judi